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Afghan WhiteAfghan White10.00
Afghan/Saluki AntiqueAfghan/Saluki Antique7.00
Akita AntiqueAkita Antique7.00
Akita PintoAkita Pinto10.00
Akita WhiteAkita White10.00
Australian Shepherd AntiqueAustralian Shepherd Antiq7.00
Australian Shepherd BlackAustralian Shepherd Black10.00
Australian Shepherd BrownAustralian Shepherd Brown10.00
Basset AntiqueBasset Antique7.00
Basset HoundBasset Hound10.00
Beagle AntiqueBeagle Antique7.00
Bernese AntiqueBernese Antique7.00
Bernese BlackBernese Black10.00
BiteGuard KennelPlex BG1113 (Med)BG1113 (Med)330.00
BiteGuard KennelPlex BG1418 (Large)BG1418 (Large)350.00
BiteGuard KennelPlex BG1825 (XL)BG1825 XL480.00
Bone Big AntiqueBone Big Antique7.00
Bone Big BlackBone Big Black10.00
Bone Big BlueBone Big Blue10.00
Bone Big GreenBone Big Green10.00
Bone Big PinkBone Big Pink10.00
Bone Big RedBone Big Red10.00
Bone Big Red/GoldBone Big Red/Gold12.00
Bone Big WhiteBone Big White10.00
Bone Big YellowBone Big Yellow10.00
Bone Small AntiqueBone Small Antique7.00
Bone Small BlackBone Small Black10.00
Bone Small BlueBone Small Blue10.00
Bone Small GreenBone Small Green10.00
Bone Small PinkBone Small Pink10.00
Bone Small RedBone Small Red10.00
Bone Small Red/GoldBone Small Red/Gold12.00
Bone Small WhiteBone Small White10.00
Bone Small YellowBone Small Yellow10.00
Border Collie AntiqueBorder Collie Antique7.00
Border Collie Black & WhiteBorder Collie Black & Whi10.00
Border Collie BrownBorder Collie Brown10.00
Boxer BrindleBoxer Brindle10.00
Boxer FawnBoxer Fawn10.00
Boxer WhiteBoxer White10.00
Boxer White & BrownBoxer White & Brown10.00
Bull Terrier AntiqueBull Terrier Antique7.00
Bull Terrier BlackBull Terrier Black10.00
Bull Terrier FawnBull Terrier Fawn10.00
Bull Terrier WhiteBull Terrier White10.00
Bulldog AntiqueBulldog Antique7.00
Cat Face AntiqueCat Face Antique7.00
Cat Face BlackCat Face Black10.00
Cat Face Dark GreyCat Face Dark Grey10.00
Cat Face GingerCat Face Ginger10.00
Cat Face WhiteCat Face White10.00
Cavalier King AntiqueCavalier King Antique7.00
Cavalier King BlackCavalier King Black10.00
Cavalier King Black & BrownCavalier King Black & Bro10.00
Cavalier King BrownCavalier King Brown10.00
Cavalier King TawnyCavalier King Tawny10.00
Cavalier King Tri ColourCavalier King Tri Colour10.00
Cavalier King Tri Colour AntiqueCavalier King Tri ColourA7.00
Chihuahua AntiqueChihuahua Antique7.00
Chihuahua Black & TanChihuahua Black & Tan10.00
Chihuahua CreamChihuahua Cream10.00
Chihuahua Fawn & WhiteChihuahua Fawn & White10.00
Cleaning Cat AntiqueCleaning Cat Antique7.00
Cleaning Cat BlackCleaning Cat Black10.00
Cleaning Cat BlueCleaning Cat Blue10.00
Cleaning Cat GreenCleaning Cat Green10.00
Cleaning Cat PinkCleaning Cat Pink10.00
Cleaning Cat RedCleaning Cat Red10.00
Cleaning Cat WhiteCleaning Cat White10.00
Cleaning Cat YellowCleaning Cat Yellow10.00
Cunning Cat AntiqueCunning Cat Antique7.00
Cunning Cat BlackCunning Cat Black10.00
Cunning Cat BlueCunning Cat Blue10.00
Cunning Cat GreenCunning Cat Green10.00
Cunning Cat PinkCunning Cat Pink10.00
Cunning Cat RedCunning Cat Red10.00
Cunning Cat WhiteCunning Cat White10.00
Cunning Cat YellowCunning Cat Yellow10.00
Dachshund Antique LargeDachshund Antique Large7.00
Dachshund Black & TanDachshund Black & Tan10.00
Dachshund Chocolate & TanDachshund Chocolate & Tan10.00
Dachshund Longhaired AntiqueDachshund Longhaired Anti7.00
Dachshund Small AntiqueDachshund Small Antique7.00
Dachshund Small Black & TanDachshund Small Black & T10.00
Dachshund Small Chocolate & TanDachshund Small Chocolate10.00
Dachshund Wirehaired Black and BrownDachshund Wirehaired Blac10.00
Dachshund Wirehaired BrownDachshund Wirehaired Brow10.00
Dachshund Wirehaired FawnDachshund Wirehaired Fawn10.00
Dalmatian AntiqueDalmatian Antique7.00
Dobermann AntiqueDobermann Antique7.00
Dobermann Black & TanDobermann Black & Tan10.00
Dobermann Brown & TanDobermann Brown & Tan10.00
Dogue de BordeauxDogue de Bordeaux10.00
Dogue de Bordeaux AntiqueDogue de Bordeaux Antique7.00
English Setter AntiqueEnglish Setter Antique7.00
English Setter Black & WhiteEnglish Setter Black & Wh10.00
English Setter Liver & WhiteEnglish Setter Liver & Wh10.00
French Bulldog AntiqueFrench Bulldog Antique7.00
French Bulldog BrownFrench Bulldog Brown10.00
French Bulldog Dark BrindleFrench Bulldog Dark Brind10.00
French Bulldog PiedFrench Bulldog Pied10.00
German Shepherd AntiqueGerman Shepherd Antique7.00
German Shepherd BlackGerman Shepherd Black10.00
German Shepherd Black & TanGerman Shepherd Black & T10.00
Golden RetrieverGolden Retriever10.00
Golden Retriever AntiqueGolden Retriever Antique7.00
Gordon SetterGordon Setter10.00
Great Dane AntiqueGreat Dane Antique7.00
Great Dane BlackGreat Dane Black10.00
Great Dane BlueGreat Dane Blue10.00
Great Dane FawnGreat Dane Fawn10.00
Greyhound AntiqueGreyhound Antique7.00
Greyhound BlackGreyhound Black10.00
Greyhound FallowGreyhound Fallow10.00
Greyhound WhiteGreyhound White10.00
Heart Big AntiqueHeart Big Antique7.00
Heart Big BlackHeart Big Black10.00
Heart Big PinkHeart Big Pink10.00
Heart Big RedHeart Big Red10.00
Heart Big Red/GoldHeart Big Red/Gold12.00
Heart Big WhiteHeart Big White10.00
Heart Small AntiqueHeart Small Antique7.00
Heart Small BlackHeart Small Black10.00
Heart Small PinkHeart Small Pink10.00
Heart Small RedHeart Small Red10.00
Heart Small Red/GoldHeart Small Red/Gold12.00
Heart Small WhiteHeart Small White10.00
Husky AntiqueHusky Antique7.00
Husky BlackHusky Black10.00
Husky GreyHusky Grey10.00
Husky RedHusky Red10.00
Irish Red SetterIrish Red Setter10.00
Irish Setter AntiqueIrish Setter Antique7.00
Jack Russell AntiqueJack Russell Antique7.00
Jack Russell Black & WhiteJack Russell Black & Whit10.00
Jack Russell Tan & WhiteJack Russell Tan & White10.00
Labrador AntiqueLabrador Antique7.00
Labrador BlackLabrador Black10.00
Labrador ChocolateLabrador Chocolate10.00
Labrador YellowLabrador Yellow10.00
Maltese LonghairedMaltese Longhaired10.00
Maltese Longhaired AntiqueMaltese Longhaired Antiqu7.00
Maltese Short HairMaltese Short Hair10.00
Maltese/Shih Tzu Long Hair AntiqueMaltese/Shih Tzu Long Hai7.00
Maltese/Shih Tzu Short Hair AntiqueMaltese/Shih Tzu Short Ha7.00
Paw Big AntiquePaw Big Antique7.00
Paw Big BlackPaw Big Black10.00
Paw Big Gold/RedPaw Big Gold/Red12.00
Paw Big GreenPaw Big Green10.00
Paw Big PinkPaw Big Pink10.00
Paw Big RedPaw Big Red10.00
Paw Big Red, White and BluePaw Big Red, White and Bl10.00
Paw Big WhitePaw Big White10.00
Paw Big YellowPaw Big Yellow10.00
Paw Blue BigPaw Big Blue10.00
Paw Small AntiquePaw Small Antique7.00
Paw Small BlackPaw Small Black10.00
Paw Small BluePaw Small Blue10.00
Paw Small GreenPaw Small Green10.00
Paw Small PinkPaw Small Pink10.00
Paw Small RedPaw Small Red10.00
Paw Small Red, White and BluePaw Small Red, White and10.00
Paw Small Red/GoldPaw Small Red/Gold12.00
Paw Small WhitePaw Small White10.00
Paw Small YellowPaw Small Yellow10.00
Pinscher AntiquePinscher Antique7.00
Pinscher Black & TanPinscher Black & Tan10.00
Pinscher Chocolate & TanPinscher Chocolate & Tan10.00
Playful Cat AntiquePlayful Cat Antique7.00
Playful Cat BlackPlayful Cat Black10.00
Playful Cat BluePlayful Cat Blue10.00
Playful Cat GreenPlayful Cat Green10.00
Playful Cat PinkPlayful Cat Pink10.00
Playful Cat RedPlayful Cat Red10.00
Playful Cat WhitePlayful Cat White10.00
Playful Cat YellowPlayful Cat Yellow10.00
Plexidor Basic Kennel - LargeLarge Basic Kennel320.00
Plexidor Electronic - Door Unit965.00
Plexidor Electronic - Wall UnitPDEWALL1,049.00
Plexidor Electronic KeyPDE Key39.00
Plexidor Extra LargePDXL629.00
Plexidor LargePDLG399.00
Plexidor MediumPDMD349.00
Plexidor Replacement PanelsPDPAN35.00
Plexidor SmallPDSM189.00
Plexidor Wall Unit - LargePDLGWALL519.00
Plexidor Wall Unit - MediumPDMDWALL479.00
Plexidor Wall Unit - SmallPDSMWALL299.00
Plexidor Wall Unit - X-LargePDXLWALL769.00
Plexidor WeathersealPDWSL9.00
Plexy Bone Big BlackPlexy Bone Big Black5.00
Plexy Bone Big PinkPlexy Bone Big Pink5.00
Plexy Bone Blue LargePlexy Bone Blue Large5.00
Plexy Bone Blue SmallPlexy Bone Blue Small5.00
Plexy Bone Red LargePlexy Bone Red Large5.00
Plexy Bone Small BlackPlexy Bone Small Black5.00
Plexy Bone Small PinkPlexy Bone Small Pink5.00
Plexy Bone Small RedPlexy Bone Small Red5.00
Plexy Bubble Big BlackPlexy Bubble Big Black5.00
Plexy Bubble Big BluePlexy Bubble Big Blue5.00
Plexy Bubble Big PinkPlexy Bubble Big Pink5.00
Plexy Bubble Big RedPlexy Bubble Big Red5.00
Plexy Bubble Red SmallPlexy Bubble Red Small5.00
Plexy Bubble Small BlackPlexy Bubble Small Black5.00
Plexy Bubble Small BluePlexy Bubble Small Blue5.00
Plexy Bubble Small PinkPlexy Bubble Small Pink5.00
Plexy Heart BlackPlexy Heart Black5.00
Plexy Heart BluePlexy Heart Blue5.00
Plexy Heart PinkPlexy Heart Pink5.00
Plexy Heart RedPlexy Heart Red5.00
Plexy Kennel Black SmallPlexy Kennel Black Small5.00
Plexy Kennel Blue SmallPlexy Kennel Blue Small5.00
Plexy Kennel Pink SmallPlexy Kennel Pink Small5.00
Plexy Kennel Red SmallPlexy Kennel Red Small5.00
Plexy Paw Big BlackPlexy Paw Big Black5.00
Plexy Paw Big BluePlexy Paw Big Blue5.00
Plexy Paw Big PinkPlexy Paw Big Pink5.00
Plexy Paw Big RedPlexy Paw Big Red5.00
Plexy Paw Red SmallPlexy Paw Red Small5.00
Plexy Paw Small BlackPlexy Paw Small Black5.00
Plexy Paw Small BluePlexy Paw Small Blue5.00
Plexy Paw Small PinkPlexy Paw Small Pink5.00
Poodle Antique LargePoodle Antique Large7.00
Poodle Antique SmallPoodle Antique Small7.00
Poodle BlackPoodle Black10.00
Poodle BrownPoodle Brown10.00
Poodle Small BlackPoodle Small Black10.00
Poodle Small BrownPoodle Small Brown10.00
Poodle Small WhitePoodle Small White10.00
Poodle WhitePoodle White10.00
Pug AntiquePug Antique7.00
Pug BlackPug Black10.00
Pug FawnPug Fawn10.00
Replacement Locks and KeysKEY6.00
Rottweiler AntiqueRottweiler Antique7.00
Saluki TanSaluki Tan10.00
Schnauzer AntiqueSchnauzer Antique7.00
Schnauzer BlackSchnauzer Black10.00
Schnauzer Salt & PepperSchnauzer Salt & Pepper10.00
Schnauzer Small BlackSchnauzer Small Black10.00
Schnauzer Small Salt & PepperSchnauzer Small Salt & Pe10.00
Seated Cat AntiqueSeated Cat Antique7.00
Seated Cat BlackSeated Cat Black10.00
Seated Cat BlueSeated Cat Blue10.00
Seated Cat GreenSeated Cat Green10.00
Seated Cat PinkSeated Cat Pink10.00
Seated Cat RedSeated Cat Red10.00
Seated Cat WhiteSeated Cat White10.00
Seated Cat YellowSeated Cat Yellow10.00
Security PlatePDSECPLT25.00
Security Plate Sliding TracksPDSLTRK79.00
Shar Pei AntiqueShar Pei Antique7.00
Shar Pei BlackShar Pei Black10.00
Shar Pei FawnShar Pei Fawn10.00
Shih Tzu Long Hair Black & WhiteShih Tzu Long Hair Black10.00
Shih Tzu Short Hair BlackShih Tzu Short Hair Black10.00
Shih Tzu Short Hair BrownShih Tzu Short Hair Brown10.00
Smile BigSmile Big10.00
Smile Big AntiqueSmile Big Antique7.00
Smile SmallSmile Small10.00
Smile Small AntiqueSmile Small Antique7.00
Spaniel AntiqueSpaniel Antique7.00
Spaniel BlackSpaniel Black10.00
Spaniel Black & BrownSpaniel Black & Brown10.00
Spaniel Black & WhiteSpaniel Black & White10.00
Spaniel ChocolateSpaniel Chocolate10.00
Spaniel Light BrownSpaniel Light Brown10.00
Spaniel Tri ColourSpaniel Tri Colour10.00
Spaniels AntiqueSpaniels Antique7.00
Spitz AntiqueSpitz Antique7.00
Spitz BlackSpitz Black10.00
Spitz FawnSpitz Fawn10.00
Spitz WhiteSpitz White10.00
Springs and HardwareSPRINGS13.00
St BernardSt Bernard10.00
St Bernard AntiqueSt Bernard Antique7.00
Staffie AntiqueStaffie Antique7.00
Staffie BlackStaffie Black10.00
Staffie BrownStaffie Brown10.00
Staffie White & BlackStaffie White & Black10.00
Stars Big AntiqueStars Big Antique7.00
Stars Big BlueStars Big Blue10.00
Stars Big PinkStars Big Pink10.00
Stars Small AntiqueStars Small Antique7.00
Stars Small BlueStars Small Blue10.00
Stars Small PinkStars Small Pink10.00
Weimeraner AntiqueWeimeraner Antique7.00
Westie AntiqueWestie Antique7.00
Yorkshire TerrierYorkshire Terrier10.00
Yorkshire Terrier AntiqueYorkshire Terrier Antique7.00
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